Nail/Foot Care To Prevent Ingrown Toenails

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Nail/Foot Care To Prevent Ingrown Toenails

30 May 2018
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Ingrown toenails are painful and can feel very sore even to touch them. Ingrown toenails can lead to infections and can make getting through the day difficult. You may even begin to walk differently, and the change in your gait may cause other health issues for you. Preventing ingrown toenails to begin with is essential, and caring for your nails properly is one way to prevent them. Read on for tips to help you prevent ingrown toenails.

Clip Nails Straight

Never clip your nails at an angle or try to dig into the sides of the nail where they grow next to the skin. This will lead to the nail growing back in at an odd angle and into the skin. Always clip your nails straight across, and don't clip them too short either. You should have some white of the nail showing. Clipping them too short may also cause them to grow into the skin as well. 

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Your shoes can also be a cause of your ingrown nails. If your toes are being squished together, the nails may end up growing in towards the skin. Be sure to always wear shoes that are comfortable with enough room for the toes, but not too much room that your feet are sliding forward. There should be enough room in your shoes to move your toes if you need to. Look for shoes that are made for wide feet if regular-sized shoes are too tight for you.

Keep Your Feet Dry And Clean

If you have ingrown toenails or are prone to issues with your feet, be sure to keep your feet dry and clean. The extra moisture on your feet from sweating or otherwise is a great place for bacteria to grow. Your feet can become infected from the bacteria so wear breathable socks and shoes, and change your socks often if you have really sweaty feet. Be sure to dry your feet after bathing or swimming and pay attention to your toes as well. Wash your feet when you shower and be sure to get the nail and in between the toes.

See The Podiatrist

Take a visit to the podiatrist for help with any issues with your feet, but especially if you have ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails should not be treated yourself, as you can worsen the problem and end up with a serious infection. Your podiatrist can help pull up the ingrown nail and place cotton beneath the nail in an effort to force the nail to grow in properly. The podiatrist can treat any infection that you may already have as well.

Preventing ingrown toenails requires you to take good care of your feet and nails. Follow the tips above and make sure to see your podiatrist if you have this or any issues with your feet. You can contact podiatrists like Greenberg Paul for more information.

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