Stadium Season Ticket Holders: 4 Ways An Orthotist Can Help You Feel Comfortable Through Injuries

Do you have a hobby or profession--like dancing--that is seriously hard on your feet? Learn how a podiatrist can help your feet.

Stadium Season Ticket Holders: 4 Ways An Orthotist Can Help You Feel Comfortable Through Injuries

19 August 2016
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Stadium seats for sports like baseball and football are a lot more limited than traditional seats. There is not a lot of leg room, the seats can be stiff, and game lengths can keep you in the same position for extended amounts of time. If you own season tickets for a local sports team, then it can feel like a long season if you're suffering through pain every time you have to go to your seat. But you don't have to be uncomfortable while enjoying stadium seating. An orthotist can help treat you and get you set up with multiple products that can offer support through the unique stadium setting. Once you have the support, you can enjoy your season tickets and take full advantage of each sporting event.

Custom Fit Full Insoles

Attending a stadium game often requires a lot of walking. It includes a lot of stadium stairs, large parking lots, pavilions, and large food serving areas. If you suffer from foot pain or arch problems, then you can find the comfort you need through custom fit full insoles. During an orthotist appointment, the doctor will take custom molds of your feet to help form custom insoles that can fit the exact form of your feet. Once they are placed in your shoe, you will have the comfort and relaxation to easily climb stadium stairs and sit in the seats for long periods of time.

Heel Cushions

Stadium designs are often created to fit as many people as possible rather than focusing on the comfort of each person. This is why the base area of many stadium seats are solid cement or steel. These types of flooring offer little to no support when placing your feet on the ground. This can make the whole experience uncomfortable. You can order heel cushions from an orthotist to help alleviate pain and get support while on the hard surfaces. Heel cushions are inserted into the back of the shoe and have extra padding to protect ligaments and other sensitive parts of the heel. These cushions are especially helpful if you suffer from a condition like plantar fasciitis. The heel cushion can help protect and heal the damaged tissue without the hard surfaces causing extra pain or damage.

Knee Braces

When sitting at a sports stadium, the seat is what it is. There is no reclining or height adjustments available. When this is the case, you may be forced to bend your knees in uncomfortable positions for extended amounts of time. A custom knee brace can help give you extra support and comfort during sports games. While your knee is bent, a support can help alleviate the pressure and not force your knee to bend awkwardly or sit uncomfortably for the duration of the game. Not only will a knee brace help you sit at a stadium, but it can also help you walk around comfortably before and after the game.

Compression Socks

After sitting for extended amounts of time, you may suffer through blood circulation problems. You can help your blood circulation and mobility with the use of compression socks. An orthotist can help you select the best pair of compression socks that fits your needs. These socks can help support your muscles and make it easier to walk around stadiums. Some compression socks can extend up over your calves while other types are used simply for foot and ankle support. By expressing your pains and injuries, you can get a pair of compression socks that best fit your needs throughout the sports season. An orthotist may have your order multiple pairs of these socks so you have plenty to wear throughout the week.

It's a good idea to make an appointment before the sports season starts, so contact a local orthotic office, such as Camden County Foot & Ankle Center. This will help you stay comfortable through the whole season.

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