Diabetes And Foot Care

Do you have a hobby or profession--like dancing--that is seriously hard on your feet? Learn how a podiatrist can help your feet.

Diabetes And Foot Care

29 April 2021
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People with diabetes need to take especially good care of their feet. If you are someone with diabetes, then it is so important for you to make sure you learn about proper foot care and the things that you should be doing to make sure you do your best to prevent dangerous problems with your feet. As someone with diabetes, your feet can end up with nerve damage and that nerve damage can leave you with less feeling in your feet, which puts you more at risk of injuries. Also, if you do have injuries in your feet, then your feet won't heal as well and you will be more at risk of infection. Here are some tips on foot care you should follow if you have diabetes. 

Keep your nails short

You want to keep your toenails trimmed short, but not too short. You also want to be sure you trim them very carefully so you don't end up accidentally nick your toe while trimming them. If you should get a hangnail, then you want to cut it down as much as you can and continue cutting it as it grows until it is gone. You don't want to pull on it or this can cause an injury. 

Keep your feet clean

It is very important for you to make sure your feet are thoroughly washed every day. This way, even if you do have the smallest of cuts you can't see, you will have clean feet, which help to cut down on the chances of infection. Also, when you wash your feet, it provides you with the opportunity to get a good look at them so you can spot any problems. 

Follow certain protocol when washing your feet

When you are washing your feet, you want to use lukewarm water instead of hot water. It's also important for you to make sure you are using a soft cloth, and you don't want to keep them in the water so long that your skin wrinkles. You also want to make sure you don't rub your feet harshly when drying, but instead, gently blot them dry. 

Inspect your feet often

You should be inspecting your feet every chance you get. It is a good idea to use a mirror to see the parts of your feet that you can't see completely or have someone else help you to check them. If you notice anything, then you should get in to see your podiatrist. 

Don't treat calluses yourself

If you end up getting calluses on your feet, then you should go to visit your podiatrist. You don't want to use any store-bought items yourself or try any home remedies yourself.

If you have any questions about diabetic foot care, visit a clinic like MARLBORO PODIATRY CENTER INC and ask their staff. 

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